Electrolyte circulation system


The latest investment is the system of battery formation based on the continuous electrolyte circulation with total replacement of its density during formation process. This process integrate several operations, which have until now been carried out In
separate process steps.

Undisputed benefits include:

  • Short time of formation. Time reduction up to 80% compared to the standard process. The formation of certain types is even 8 hours. In exceptional cases, it allows us for very quick of delivery realization.


  • The optimal formation of electrodes – formation process is carrying out with continuous circulation of electrolyte with low density, which at the end of process is automatically replaced for electrolyte with setup density, ensuring the best electrochemical conversion.


  • High quality of process – the electrolyte is prepared and supervised by highly qualified:
    • An integrated system for mixing (electrolyte is produced directly in the machine from concentrated acid). Electrolyte gets precisely defined and reproducible values of temperature and density.
    • visualization system and comprehensive data logging provide full control of process,

Mentioned advantages allow achieving repeatable battery parameters which transfer into high service life of battery.

But the most important advantage which must be emphasize is minimized negative impact on environment and workers, what is ensured by closed production cycle free from emission into environment