Taking care of the natural environment and respecting the regulations in force, AUTOPART company collects scrap batteries which are stored in accordance with the law. They are then handed over to the operator of the Battery Recycling Unit, where they are recycled.

To minimize pollution to the environment with this type of waste, we have organized the collections points for scrap batteries throughout Poland.

The batteries which have been entered on the market are marked with the recycling sign labels, as well as the chemical

symbol Pb which means that the product contains over 0,004% of lead and is subject to recycling.

We have organized the collections points for scrap batteries.

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Recykling i ochrona środowiska

See the recycling stages

  1. AUTOPART produces car batteries and delivers them to the shops.
  2. Shops supply new batteries to the customers.
  3. When the customer buys a new battery, they return the used one.
  4. Shop collect the scraps batteries and return them to AUTOPART
  5. AUTOPART receives the scrap batteries and ships them to the metallurgical plant.
  6. Thanks to the recycling process, lead from the used batteries is almost 100% recycled.

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