Energy Management System

Energy Management System

System zarządzania energią (ang. Energy Management System, EMS) to kompleksowy zestaw procesów, procedur i narzędzi stosowanych w celu skutecznego zarządzania zużyciem energii w organizacji, firmie, instytucji lub gospodarstwie domowym.

Tasks of EMS:

  • optimization of energy consumption,
  • increasing energy efficiency,
  • reduction of energy,
  • minimizing the negative impact on the environment
Energy Management System

Energy System based on energy storage:

Magazynowanie energii jest kluczowe dla optymalnego wykorzystania energii odnawialnej oraz zarządzania szczytami zużycia. Duże magazyny pozwalają na przechowywanie nadmiaru energii, natomiast średnie rozwiązania pomagają w stabilizacji sieci i rozwiązywaniu problemów z przepustowością. To kluczowe elementy wspierające rozwój energii odnawialnej.

Energy System based on energy storage:

Basic elements of EMS Pixii:



  • GateWay management module
  • temperature maintenance system
  • AC protection
  • mobile partitions
  • expansion possible without loss of efficiency
  • 5 levels of security

Bidirectional AC/DC energy conversion module – Pixiibox

  • charging and service of multiple batteries
  • additional functions aimed at energy saving and supporting distribution network
  • galvanic separation allowing for a physical break in the power supply circuits
  • real-time response to changes in electrical network parameters

Bipolar batteries

  • bipolar batteries designed for long-term cyclic operation
  • a reliable source of emergency power for hybrid, off-grid and grid-connected installations
  • ability to work in a wide temperature range
  • high load capacity
  • low self-discharge
  • relatively low cost per unit of energy compared to lithium-based solutions
  • almost 100% of materials are recovered in recycling processes

Advantages EMS Pixii

Choosing when to use energy
Choosing when to use energy
Charging storage when electricity rates are low and energy utilization from batteries when rates are high.
Limitation of peak load charges
Limitation of peak load charges
By limiting the maximum consumption of energy from the grid through energy boostfrom warehouse.
Use of energy from photovoltaic panels or windmills
Use of energy from photovoltaic panels or windmills
Saving excess solar energy for later use, rather than wasting it or returning it to the grid without compensation.
Reliable UPS emergency power supply
Reliable UPS emergency power supply
Reliable power for critical loads during power outages.
Voltage support
Voltage support
By monitoring and, if necessary, supplying energy, it is possible to maintain the appropriate voltage in the network.
Reactive power compensation
Reactive power compensation
Possible collection or generation of reactive power. Full work in 4 quadrants.
Phase balancing
Phase balancing
Improving the utilization of the distribution network by balancing phase loads.
Frequency support
Consumption or generation of active power to help the network maintain a stable frequency.

Application of EMS - Pixii:

Commercial and industrial buildings

To reduce the load on the power system, tariffs are used to encourage the use of energy during "off-peak" hours. Energy storage is the perfect tool that allows consumers to reduce their energy bills without the inconvenience.


Using photovoltaics or other green energy sources

Integrating energy sources with an EMS is the best way to ensure optimal use of electricity by possibly operating in a grid-connected or off-grid environment, providing the ability to create stand-alone microgrids using solar or other energy sources.


Distribution System Operators

Ekologiczna transformacja przysparza problemów wielu sieciom dystrybucyjnym, szczThe ecological transformation causes problems for many distribution networks, especially long lines adapted to older consumption patterns. Many areas experience low voltages. EMS helps maintain tension during periods of Energy overload.


Charging of electric vehicles

Installing electric vehicle chargers often involves limited grid capacity and high demand charges. Adding energy storage increases power during peak hours and enables the reduction of demand charges.



  • Internet Service Provider

    Internet Service Provider

  • Plastics plant – injection molding plant

    Plastics plant – injection molding plant

  • Rzędzianowice energy storage – 150 kW / 200 kWh

    Rzędzianowice energy storage – 150 kW / 200 kWh

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