Jacek Bąk


The values have not changed for years

 At the beginning of the 1980s setting up any establishment was connected with difficulties, which young entrepreneurs today can only read about in history books. A lot of people, not only me, recall this period often starting the thought with the words “there were no” … Indeed, most of things were simply unavailable. But if we had focused on that, today we would not celebrate the 35th anniversary of AUTOPART.

Both then and today we think how to realize our vision, using what we have the most valuable, i.e. potential, engagement, determination, faith, passion, will to acquire knowledge … These values of ours have not changed for years. In spite of the long road, from the proverbial garage to the modern factory floor. From the first battery to the one with the number 2 million. These values are close to all the workers which I personally enjoy so much and I am proud of it.

 We still have a lot of dreams and plans. We want to be the best, we continuously want to strive for excellence in every aspect of business and production. And we still want to be a close-knit team the members of which will manage in every conditions.

Jacek Bąk

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  • 1982

    Foundation of the plant

    The beginning of the 1980s. The garage and the first experiences in running an activity on my own. The difficult start in difficult times. The picture nearby presents the first seat of the company painted by a co-worker of many years, Jacek Bąk, Wiesław …

  • 1983-1995

    Knowledge and capital

    The first years of AUTOPART was to collect capital, knowledge and to establish contacts in order to start the production process fully. The next years will be bringing the company nearer to a higher production capacity through investment expenditures and obtaining essential certificates confirming safety and quality.

  • 2002-2006

    Own brands

    Since 2000 AUTOPART has been striving for the production of its own brands of batteries. The first own product was the battery OPTIMAL Power. The next ones PACIFIC Mobile and PLUS. Since 2006 we have been producing the batteries in the Galaxy line. In 2003 we received the quality certification ISO 9001 for the first time.

  • 2006-2009

    Joint stock company and investments

    When the company was 25, there were a lot of organizational changes, the most vital of which was to separate two companies - PPUH AUTOPART Jacek Bąk Limited Liability Company and AUTOPART Joint Stock Company. We have been operating in such a structure till today. PPUH AUTOPART manages the production of batteries and AUTOPART Joint Stock Company is responsible for their sale. This period also means the increased investment in new machines and the factory floor. As a result of this work, we have started the production of hybrid batteries. What is more, in 2007 we implemented the integrated management system of the company, which improved the main organizational processes.

  • 2010-2011

    We take care of the environment

    In 2010 we implemented the Environmental Management System PN-EN ISO 14001:2004, which confirmed our great efforts to follow strict standards of environmental protection. Moreover, we started the production of semi-traction batteries. We are also proud of the investment unprecedented in Poland and many European countries – we started one of the world’s biggest Barton reactors for the production of lead oxide.

  • 2014

    Automatization and robotisation

    The more of them, the easier work for our workers – robots contributed to our production by providing the anticipated quality, easiness and predictability. We invested in the automatic assembly and packaging lines. This is an appropriate direction of development of the production part

  • 2016

    Rewarded for quality

    For 35 years of our activity we have received a lot of prizes and awards. However, those which prove high quality of our products are the most important for us. The battery Galaxy Gold received a nomination for the Polish Promotional Emblem as well as the Golden Medal in the Poznan International Fair.

     In 2016 we also initiated the production of the prospective battery, Galaxy EFB, which is intended for the vehicles with the START-STOP system and those intensively used. Galaxy EFB was awarded with the European Medal given by the group gathered around the Business Centre Club.