We have produced batteries for 35 years

We have more than thirty years of experience in production of starter batteries. Thanks to this we developed unique technology which we still improve through cooperation with research centers, expanding our R&D division, performing numerous researchers and analysis.

The team members are people for whose technology is not only a professional challenge but also a passion. It is a multidisciplinary group consisting of people who have an experience in battery production.

To perform tasks our team has a modern construction and technological office equipped in the latest equipment as well as software that supports the battery production process and equipment for their production. We also have laboratories (equipped, inter alia, in photospectrometer) where we can carry out number of chemical, electrical and mechanical analysis.

We create new solutions and products, ranking from designing and production of prototypes, validation processes cycle, including both laboratory test and trials carried out in real conditions (for example, prototypes of batteries are installed in vehicles that pass on these batteries tens thousands of kilometers) up to the stage of approval and implementation to production.

An important factor in our growth is it benchmarking. Ongoing comparative researches and analysis allow using the experience and knowledge of the best.


As the only one manufacturer in the country we produce lead oxide (basic component of battery paste) by method based on Barton pot system.

This method is used in North America and Far East where is produced 75% of global production of batteries. This method features easiness and sensitivity of process control, which allow obtaining a product with desired characteristics and keeping its quality at a constant level. Resulting lead particles are stable in dimension – it allows preparing active mass with uniform parameters, which contributes to achieve high capacity. 

The unique properties of production

  • Production of the plate and the assembly

    The production process starts with the production of lead oxide on the basis of Barton’s method. The plates manufactured from Barton’s oxide provide higher durability of the battery in comparison with other methods. Furthermore, the multistage system of filtration reduces the risk of pollution emission into the atmosphere almost to zero. Lead oxide is one of the ingredients of positive or negative battery paste. The bilaterally-pasted partitioned tape is made on this stage, which is divided into individual plates. In order to activate the polished plates of the lead and acid batteries, the stage called hydrosetting is needed. The ready plates are given to the automatic assembly lines where the produced packages are put into the ready special containers. The battery lids are welded at high frequencies and with the use of thermal separation.

  • Formation and packaging

    The system of battery formation with recirculation of electrolyte allows to shorten the preparation time as well as to obtain high lifetime and start-up properties of batteries. The integrated control and measuring system mixes and controls the preparation of electrolytes of different densities. On finishing the process, the formed batteries with the uniform density and the same level of acid in all the pieces are obtained. The last stage is to control the battery taking the conformity with the given parameters into consideration. The checked batteries are marked with the code identifying the batch and then labelled. This whole process takes place with the use of the automatic packaging lines and robots.