Memory of Jacek Bąk, president of AUTOPART


It is with great sadness and regret that we announce the passing of Jacek Bak, the President of the board of PPUH AUTOPART Jacek Bąk Sp z o.o. and the chairman of the supervisory board of Autopart SA.

Jacek Bąk was a mechanical engineer by profession. He graduated from the Cracow University of Technology at the faculty of Technology and Mechanical Engineering. He started his career at the Research and Development Center at WSK PZL Mielec, where he worked as a constructor. In 1982 he set up his own business, which is one of the leading battery production companies in EU at the moment.

Jacek Bąk was a visionary with an extraordinary business intuition, a man for whom a word      ,, development’’ had a special meaning and taught this philosophy to everyone he worked with.

All his life he was connected with Mielec, he helped and supported numerous projects, organizations and institutions. In 2000 he received a title of a great citizen of Mielec and 19 years later he received a Medal from the President of Poland for a long service, awarded for outstanding achievements in professional activity.

Jacek Bąk was one of the initiators and signatories of establishing the Association of Producers and Importers of batteries in Poland. He was a member of a board of the Association for many years. He cooperated with universities and research centers, including the Committee for Scientific Research and the Scientific Council of the Central Laboratory of Batteries and Cells.

He wanted his employees to develop their competences , motivated them to improve their professional qualifications constantly. He gained technical knowledge, among others during numerous business trips abroad, where he got acquainted with innovative technical and production solutions. His ambition was to make the Autopart machinery park of the highest quality and from the best producers in the world.

At the moment Autopart is a modern company which applies high  standards and solutions in all areas of its activity. Autopart’s batteries have a good reputation in the market and are sold to approximately 50 countries in different regions of the world.

Jacek Bąk was a great husband, father and grandfather. He successfully run the business for 40 years involving his family members in its activity and development.  Thanks to such actions, experience and high qualifications of the board of directors of both companies belonging to the Autopart group, the continuation of the companies’ activities is ensured on the same terms.