NEW: Galaxy EFB SMF for trucks


A new product for trucks - Galaxy EFB SMF is already on offer. The Galaxy EFB SMF line combines two technologies to counteract the effects of frequent discharge. It is designed for long-distance cars with a large number of electricity receivers and special vehicles transporting hazardous or sensitive materials.

Galaxy EFB SMF is a technologically advanced product that meets the market requirements for sealed, maintenance-free batteries for trucks. Today, long-haul trucks are often used as a hotel, and the batteries are exposed to deep discharge during many hours of downtime. Prolonged charging from such a level adversely affects the battery life and reduces its service life.


The new AUTOPART battery uses technologies that counteract these negative effects by acting on battery performance and reliability:

  • EFB (Enhanced Flooded Battery) technology - mechanical strengthening of positive electrodes and negative materials (semi-synthetic membranes) and a special carbon additive of the new generation NANO CARBON 4XD affects the battery life cycle - up to 3x longer compared to a standard battery. In addition, NANO CARBON 4XD improves the ability to accept the charge at low temperatures, allows you to control the gassing current throughout the life of the battery and prevents sulfation of the electrodes, extending its work


  • The labyrinthine structure of the sealed double lid SMF (Sealed Maintance Free) including a set of explosion-proof inserts provides the highest degree of safety, reducing the emission of electrolyte fumes and ensuring the maintenance-free battery.


Galaxy EFB SFM will prove itself in vehicles with high engine power, operated in a continuous cycle, which use hotel functions every day. Due to the high level of safety of use, it is especially recommended for vehicles transporting hazardous and sensitive materials, such as chemicals, food or pharmaceuticals. The product is suitable for mounting on the rear axle of a vehicle due to its high shock resistance. Galaxy EFB SMF is offered in three capacities: 145, 180 and 225 Ah with starting currents of 800, 1000 and 1150 A, respectively (EN).

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